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Krewe Volleyball Club

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About Us

On this page we will describe our purpose and philosophy.


The Krewe is a registered junior program affiliate of USA Volleyball in the Bayou Region. It has been in existance since the 2000 season. The main purpose is to provide quality training and opportunities for girls at all levels. This experience through competitive practices and matches will enhance the development of   physical and mentalhealth.  Furthermore, it will teach the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation.


The clubs philosophy revolves around the TEAM.  A team gives children a sense of ownership and pride in themselves.  Being part of a group allows them to work for a common goal.  In athletics the team is more valuable than any one player.  The team always comes first and this priority is demonstrated in every drill and in every accomplishment or defeat.  Once students believe in themselves they gain strength to overcome failures and become more determined to achieve success on and off the court.
To coach means to demand discipline and commitment and to motivate each student and athlete - differently.  We try to coach as we would like to be coached, with equality and respect.  We intend to show courage in an athlete when no one else will believe in the player or team, and we intend to continue to show confidence in our athletes, teams, and club.This is due to the unconditional love and loyalty we bestow on our athletes.  Truly, Krewe is a volleyball program to suit the needs of most athletes.  We invite you to browse our web site and learn more about how the Krewe can help you reach your highest potential and enjoy the sport of volleyball.